"Everybody Needs A Little Love"
"Everybody Needs A Little Love"

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Raffle Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to our two winners Buffy Lamb and Melissa Hall! Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and made donations. We appreciate it and will post when we do our next fundraiser! 

Santa Pal Project

Our annual Santa Pal project has sposored 34 kids in Bristol this Chrismas! Last year our volunteers wrapped over 1,000 gifts.

Love N People awarded Peg Brown " Spirit of Santa Pal Award "

Welcome to the family

Love N People is a Charity started by Jazmin Hurley when she was 12. In December 2012 she went to her parents and ask if they could help her start a charity, when ask why she replied " I want to take my giving to the next level " so Love N People was born.


Jazmin has been active helping others since she was 9, for her birthday instead of recieving gifts she decided to choose a charity and recieve donations from her friends and family to support that charity.


        Jazmin and her friends have started a journey to help children and veterens in what ever way the Lord leads them. They have regular meetings, officers of the company and support from organizations like Healing Hands, Girl Scout Troops of America, Churches and various people in the community. Throughout their journey they are impacting lives one at at time by showing the world " Everybody Needs A Little Love". Your help and or donations are needed, get involved today. Love N People is a Tennessee registered 501-c3.

Mission: To assist children and veterans that are in need.

Our Humble beginings, 2012. Sullins Academy Students (L-R) Caden Myers, Jazmin Hurley and Hudson Crabtree talk about starting the nonprofit organization Love-N-People.

Bible Verse of the Week

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:7

“I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.”

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Love N People

100 5th st. suite 2w
Bristol, TN. 37620

Phone: 423-573-1022

E-mail: info@lovenpeople.org

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